Students Rebuild Winner Nimco Cabdillahi

Posted on August 23, 2013, by Half the Sky Movement

Nimco Cabdillahi is a 26-year-old nurse and midwife from Hargeisa, Somaliland. She is one of five young women who recently won the Students Rebuild Award. Nimco and the four other women from Cambodia, India, Kenya and Sierra Leone received $10,000 to continue helping women and girls in their communities.

Trained at the the Edna Adan Maternity Hospital, Nimco chose to be a nurse to help women and children. Only two weeks after her graduation, she left Hargeisa for the first time to work in Baligubadle –– which is made up of 33 small villages and towns with a population of 20,000 people, with only one health center and one visiting doctor. The first qualified nurse and midwife in Baligubadle, Nimco says she chose to work in Baligubadle because “that is where I am needed.”



Nimco faces many challenges, including a lack of light at night that forces her to help deliver children next to kerosene lamps, creating a health hazard. Before she started working there, the only medical assistance for pregnant women were birth attendants who did not have any medical training. Now, she and another  other midwife trained by Edna Adan assist in over 20 births per month.

Nimco plans on using the money from the Students Rebuild Award to expand the delivery room to prevent overcrowding. She also plans to update the equipment in the health center by purchasing delivery kits, a microscope and an oxygen concentrator for premature babies.

Read about Edna's vist to Nimco's hospital and watch Nimco discuss her plans. Also, check out this spotlight on Linda Kamau, the winner from Kenya, and stay tuned for more stories about our other Students Rebuild Award winners. 

The Students Rebuild Awards featuring Half the Sky Movement recognized and celebrated five young women working to end the oppression of women and girls in their communities. Through a $10,000 prize ($50,000 total), these awards elevated the game changers who often go unrecognized, fighting bravely to improve life conditions for their peers. Learn more at