Ready, Set, Raise!

Posted on April 25, 2013, by Half the Sky Movement

We’re delighted to announce the launch of RaiseForWomen, our new initiative with Huffington Post, CrowdRise and the Skoll Foundation that will raise money and bring attention to amazing organizations that are helping women and girls around the world. For more information, check out Arianna Huffington’s article about the challenge here.

Huffington Post is providing the megaphone, Skoll is giving $75,000 in cash prizes to the NGOs that raise the most money, and we’re mobilizing everyone who cares deeply about empowering women (that’s you!) to make RaiseForWomen a success. We’re asking you to create your own fundraising team on CrowdRise, invite your friends to join, share Huffington Post blog posts about the campaign on social media, and help these folks continue their great work.


The campaign runs for the next six weeks, until June 6. Every week, there will be exciting prizes for the individuals who raise the most. Check out some of the prizes here and stay tuned for more!

Creating a fundraising team is super easy–– it takes 10 minutes. Just choose the organization you want to fundraise for from the list below, click “Create Your Fundraiser” and “Join the Team,” and follow the directions from there. For tips on fundraising, check out this handy toolkit.

To get started, check out our participating partner teams. We’ve made it easy by grouping them according to issue:

Women’s Health: Friends of Edna, The Fistula Foundation, Pathfinder International, Every Mother Counts

Education: Room to Read, Afghan Institute of Learning, Shining Hope for Communities

Economic Empowerment: Women's World Banking, Kashf, Fonkoze, BRAC, Heifer International

Sex Trafficking and Forced Prostitution: GEMS, New Light, Apne Aap, International Justice Mission

Gender-Based Violence: CARE, International Rescue Committee, Tostan

To check out the other participating NGOs, click here.

You helped us raise more than $300,000 for our first CrowdRise campaign. With your help, we’ll raise more this time –– and accelerate our progress to a freer, fairer world.