Linda Kamau Plugs in Her Community with Students Rebuild Award

Posted on August 09, 2013, by Half the Sky Movement

Linda Kamau is a software developer for Ushahidi in Kenya and one of five Students Rebuild Award winners. In addition to Linda, four other young women in Cambodia, India, Sierra Leone and Somaliland, each received $10,000 awards to continue their work helping women and girls in their communities.

As lead developer at Ushahidi, a non-profit tech company, Linda formed AkiraChix, a technical training program for young women from socioeconomically disadvantaged areas of Nairobi. The program offers courses in computer literacy, mobile and web application computer programming, computer hardware, graphic design and entrepreneurship.

Linda started teaching a new class of girls this July. The award money is paying for licensing for software used in the program, rental space and and the salaries of trainers. Many of these trainers belong to iHub, a community of tech and innovation in Nairobi, and all of them have real-world experience running their own businesses. The benefits of AkiraChix are already spreading to the larger community –– as Linda notes, the girls who have finished the program have gone on to transfer their knowledge to students at nearby schools.

Watch Linda describe her plans for AkiraChix. 

Stay tuned for more about our other four winners!

The Students Rebuild Awards featuring Half the Sky Movement recognized and celebrated five young women working to end the oppression of women and girls in their communities. Through a $10,000 prize ($50,000 total), these awards elevated the game changers who often go unrecognized, fighting bravely to improve life conditions for their peers. Learn more at