Half the Sky Movement Launches Community Ambassador Program

Posted on November 13, 2012, by Renée Muza, Half the Sky Movement

Since launching our campus ambassador program for university students, we’ve gotten feedback from many individuals who aren’t in college that they would like to be Half the Sky Movement ambassadors, too. Great news: We’re delighted to announce the launch of a new community ambassador program! It’s open to anyone who would like to participate. 

Community ambassadors will organize screenings of the documentary, build awareness of the issues facing women and girls, and take actions that promote gender equality at home and abroad. These actions could include hosting fundraisers, signing petitions, volunteering and organizing panel discussions –– but are certainly not limited to just that! We are eager to learn about the other ideas you have.

We’ll be inviting ambassadors to speak on our regular Google+ hangouts, write guest posts on our blog highlighting their initiatives and suggest actions for the larger ambassador community. We’ve already received applications from people doing great work in their communities.

Katie Bagale and her group are some of Half the Sky Movement's first community ambassadors. 


One of them is Katie Bagale, from Michigan, who has formed an active Half the Sky Movement group with sixteen members. She has hosted her first of several screenings and intends to organize a panel discussion, meet with her local universities and fundraise through small businesses in her neighborhood. Her group also plans to build a school in a developing country through a partnership with Change Heroes and her local public school district. “This group I have formed in our town is dedicated, globally conscious, creative and passionate about Half the Sky,” Katie says. “I have gotten so much positive feedback and I can't quite keep up with all the calls and emails!”

We know that a committed team of community leaders can take big steps toward achieving a freer, fairer and safer world, and we’re eager to work with you to come up with creative ways to keep the movement growing. Please join us.