A New Recipe for Helping Women

Posted on July 02, 2012, by Half the Sky Movement

When Madhu Krishnan read Half the Sky, she posted  about atrocities against women she was learning about on her blog. Reading her first post in the car, her friend, Priya Nagarajan, immediately pulled over and dialed Madhu. "We have to DO something!" she said. "Knowing is not enough." The friends founded the San Jose, California, chapter of Dining for Women, an organization of over 300 chapters, each a group of friends who gather monthly for a potluck dinner, donating the money they would have spent at a restaurant to an organization that helps women and girls in the developing world. Overall, Dining for Women donates about $50,000 per month to its carefully chosen designated nonprofits.

Madhu Krishnan and Priya Nagarajan

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