50 Days of Action for Women and Girls

Posted on April 16, 2013, by Half the Sky Movement

Starting today and for the next 50 business days, until June 21, the Half the Sky Movement will be joining forces with over 20 organizations led by the International Women’s Health Coalition for an online advocacy campaign called 50 Days of Action for Women and Girls. The goal of the campaign is to build on Hillary Clinton’s legacy of advocating for women and girls worldwide as the former Secretary of State. We believe that now is the time to rise together and speak out about the oppression of women. As Hillary Clinton so eloquently stated, “The 21st century is about ending the pervasive discrimination and degradation of women and fulfilling their full rights.” Therefore, we will be calling on Secretary of State John Kerry, the State Department, the White House and the relevant government agencies to make the rights of women and girls a continued priority in U.S. foreign policy.

The campaign will use social media , including tweets (using #USA4WOMEN and #USA4GIRLS hashtags) Facebook and other online platforms to encourage U.S. policymakers to pursue public policies that make the empowerment of women and girls a priority in foreign policy.

The campaign will focus on the following areas, each given its own week:

- Ensuring Quality Education for Women and Girls    
- Putting Women and Girls at the Center of the Post-2015 Global Development Agenda
- Preventing Violence against Women and Girls
- Ending Early and Forced Marriage
- Achieving Peace and Security for Women and Girls
- Improving the Health of Women and Girls
- Promoting Economic Empowerment of Women and Girls
- Protecting Human Rights & Promoting Leadership and Participation of Women and Girls

To raise awareness about the 50 Days of Action, the campaign has started a Thunderclap, which allows individuals to dedicate their status on Facebook or Twitter on April 18th to the cause. You can sign up for the Thunderclap here. We are also asking everyone to share content related to the campaign on social media to amplify our message and make sure that we are heard by the U.S. government.

If you are interested in participating, please see this toolkit put together by the International Women’s Health Coalition (IWHC) that explains the campaign in more detail, provides sample tweets and posts, and provides resources you can share for the first two weeks of the campaign.